Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014

Sketching for new project!

At the moment I am trying to establish direction for my new project. It's gonna be something contemporary military based, a Tom Clancy-ish settings and the hard core gear and tactical action.
Story background puts a specialized Navy SEAL team on the hunt for independent cyber terrorists in the Hong Kong area and of course the units of the People's Liberation Army of China do not like that one bit and hunt for them in return.
I wanted to sketch one scene for each side, plus a slightly more sci-fi verison of each scene to see if this could be a good direction – to put a little Gibson into the Clancy if you will :)
For that there had to be a lot of equipment design work, too, namely for advanced rifles and vehicles. Soooo much research, soooo much thinking! 
Fast sketches for scene composition
Concept for amphibious APC and the two assault rifles

Insertion of the SEAL team on a roof top from a Black Hawk
Near future version with a stealth helicopter, slightly cybernetic augmented SEALs and a new fast rope sytem
Platoon of PLA soldiers with a WZ 551 amphibious APC combing a market street in Hong Kong
Near future version with a gear upgraded platoon and the new hydrofoil converter APC

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

3D Study time!

I was finally able to incorporate some long overdue hard surface modeling studies into a leftover project. For that I needed a model of a pretty heavy infantry weapon, a light machine gun or equivalent. On my quest through the web to find useful references, I came across a modern and quite slick design, the Heckler & Koch 121 and since there are so many M249s already out there, I decided to build this one in Zbrush. Here now some impressions of the result: